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The storytelling artist.

Inspiration for the 100-day Project and print collection - artist’s note:

In 2018 I was working at a university. Part of my role was to help build self-awareness and emotional intelligence in students, but, first, I had to be coached myself. From an incredible, computer generated report, I learned that my top five talents are Learner, Ideation, Input, Achiever and Connectedness.

But, what did that mean?

My coach explained it to me in the mindset of buckets. We all need our buckets filled. And when they’re not, we are dissatisfied, and out of balance.

With help I realised my Learner bucket was overflowing, but my Achiever was empty – I had no sense of achievement or satisfaction in my life. I needed to feel worthy of being able to achieve something without always choosing to learn. So, in 2019, with encouragement from my daughter, the 100-day project was born. For the past three years, I have posted one of my paintings on Instagram for 100 days.  In the first 100 days I sold 72. I was amazed, and filling up my Achiever bucket with every painting I shared. The goal was to show up for myself and It has been so rewarding.

After the third 100-day Project I began creating reproductions of some of my work. I was being asked to paint some again and so I chose to create fine art quality copies of my favourite prints to make them more accessible to people who resonated with the range.

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