Wonder of the Waratah

Let’s go walking she said. They looked up from their screens and frowned. The interactions had been at work putting them to sleep. She was sick of the silence, only punctuated by the groans of frustration when a game went wrong, or a sibling came near or some equally disastrous happening broke through their solid, lumpish trances.  Come on, let’s go. Shoes on, hats, masks please. I’ve got the water.  Can we have snacks? came a sleepy voice hopeful of biscuits. Shop ones? she was too busy working and trying to get them moving to bake any.  Sure, but please come on, the best of the day is passing. They slowly unravelled their limbs, long and thin from their nests of pillows and came with her to the door. She knew this was a miracle, that there would be a few forgotten items, but it was a start. Yes, let’s go. After a bit of jostling to see who would be the first out the door, up the driveway, who would hold the bag, they were off. The blue sky was electric, as it is in the early spring. The air clean and clear, it was hard to imagine they were home schooled, and pandemic bound. They set off into the bush happy to be moving and out of their domestic confines. Happy to see what was out there, to amuse them. What plants, creatures, noises, what stories they could make up to amuse themselves.



This is an art reproduction of an original painting inspired by my third 100-day project. Apart from being beautiful they are:

  • A4 – a perfect size to pop in a frame (ask me how)
  • printed in Queensland, Australia on beautiful 300 gsm paper
  • hand signed and finished.

I am so excited about these.

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It is a story of justice, of loss and recovery, above all a story of hope and discovery.

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The 100-day Project is an illustrated book featuring some of Robyn Beeston’s most world-revered artworks from the last three 100-day Projects.

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Twice in his life James asks the answerless question. Why? He has no choice but to change everything, and he and Lilly move to Aurora, an island in the tropics. There he resists the outside world, working to stay in his cocoon, but it’s not enough – he has to find a reason to go on – for Lilly.

Decades pass and he creates a world-standard resort, where vacancies are rare and his rules unapologetic. His manifesto is like him, simple and unusual in an industry given to excess and luxury. Guests must live by the rules of sustainability – bring no harm to the island. Agree, or don’t come. He sustains the island, and she sustains him.

Event number three sees James become a grandfather. It is unexpected as Lilly, unprepared for freedom off the island, falls pregnant with Marnie.

Then, on a normal day in paradise, the British Royal family reserves the entire island and James commits to complete secrecy. James has little choice but to agree, never imagining the outcome.

Self-serving Paddy hears of the visit, and sensing a payday telling his uncle, Kevin, a lifetime slave to the IRA. Kevin is in exile, and desperate to return home – he has one more hit in him. 

Desperate to get to Aurora to make the hit, Paddy ruthlessly targets and lures Jennifer, a naive travel agent to help them get to the island. Jennifer is conned by his attention. The die is cast and a bomb goes off marking a fourth devastating event for James.

As time goes by, an unlikely team on the island work to unravel the case. Jennifer, Steph—who comes to help with Marnie – become obsessed with the crime and taking justice for James— and Anna, manager of Aurora. The three women have a reason to fight for James. One, a woman spurned, one in love and one loyal friend. They are a forceful combination on the side of James.

The trio piece together the puzzle with the dilemma of justice, all consuming. When James realises what they are doing for him, he steps up and is the force everyone else knows he can be. He is humbled by the dedication of those around him, who give him strength to fight, for justice, for life and for himself. From the ashes comes life and hope.

It is a story of justice, of loss and recovery, above all a story of hope and discovery.