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Do you need a little confidence shake up?

I’m Robyn Beeston, and I help people transform their confidence and shake their limiting beliefs - for good.

I hold a creative approach to problem solving.

Did you know I’m an artist and a soon to be published author? Being able to access both business and creative approaches to problem solving means I can help transform areas of your life: professional, romantic, personal, family - the lot.

I help you find your magic and then ACTIVATE it.

Have you ever wondered why something is easy for you, but hard for someone else? This is your magic. We often don’t recognise this about our own talents let alone know how to use them across all areas of our lives. Let me give you the roadmap.

I remove your limiting beliefs - you are never alone.

This isn’t my first time around the circuit - as a mother, sought-after speaker, educator and someone who has experienced heartbreak, I have seen a lot - I can empathise with you. Your journey to finding your confidence will never be a road travelled alone.

Often, we don’t know our best skills are our gold - our opportunity to make more money, be better parents, friends, lovers, people - because we have never been taught to recognise these talents, let alone value them.

Once you can get confident around your talents and how to activate them, you can start to apply these gifts as strengths.

You can…

My coaching services offer you strategic, accredited 1:1 online guidance and coaching to help you gain confidence, understanding of your personality traits and the way to turn these into success in all areas of your life.

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Chris's experience finding and using her talents to help more clients:
Chris had her Empathy talent at number 1. Chris was saying that this was a problem for her – I was shocked. Empathy is so important in so many ways. Chris was feeling things deeply, and this translated to overwhelm. We had a chat and I encouraged her to ‘use’ one of her other talents to help her clients. We worked on using Discipline and Responsibility. Her new message was… I will work with you, listen and care about what you say and care about you (she was using her Empathy which is awesome), then I will honour your story using my Responsibility and Discipline. This means you can rely on me to get the job done. She signed more clients using this messaging than her previous message which was echoing her own limiting beliefs.

Services on offer:

Gallup CliftonStrengths an introduction 1:1 online coaching

Accredited extended DISC profiling and 1:1 online coaching

Custom 1:1 online confidence coaching packages

In-person and online workshops and coaching available on request

If you are ready...

to dive into your talents, hold up a mirror to your incredible skills, and gain a fresh perspective on how you see yourself – don’t wait.

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